This vocabulary is supporting DCAT-AP, the DCAT application profile for European data portals [[DCAT-AP]]. The terms defined in this namespace are defined as broad as possible for wider reuse but are scoped to the needs of DCAT-AP. All terms in this vocabulary have therefore a strong connection with DCAT-AP.

Revision history

The property
has been introduced in DCAT-AP release 2.x. The creation of an annex of DCAT-AP for High Value Datasets, DCAT-AP HVD [[DCAT-AP-HVD]], introduced 2 new properties

Meeting minutes

The following webinars have been held for the creation of this release


The DCAT-AP vocabulary supports the DCAT-AP profile. The namespace for this vocabulary is . It is under maintenance by the SEMIC action, Interoperable Europe.


This vocabulary has the status Working Draft published at 2023-08-24.

Information about the process and the decisions involved in the creation of this specification are consultable at the Changelog.


Copyright © 2023 European Union. All material in this repository is published under the license CC-BY 4.0, unless explicitly otherwise mentioned.

Conformance Statement

In order to conform to this vocabulary the usage of the terms MUST: When reusing the terms, the reuse principles of the SEMIC styleguide SHOULD be followed.

To make the properties widely reuseable the domain and ranges are usually very open. For any kind of entity, the class rdfs:Resource is used. For any kind of value, rdfs:Literal is used. In the RDF ecosystem these are the universal denominators.


The namespace for this vocabulary is .

Used Prefixes

PrefixNamespace IRI

Vocabulary Overview


This section lists the classes matching the base namespace of this vocabulary.


This section lists the properties matching the base namespace of this vocabulary.

applicable legislation

(create issue) Property applicable legislation
label applicable legislation
definition the legislation that is applicable to this resource.


(create issue) Property availability
label availability
definition An indication how long it is planned to keep the Distribution of the Dataset available.

HVD category

(create issue) Property HVD category
label HVD category
definition A data category defined in the High Value Dataset Implementing Regulation.
usage For the possible values consult the regulation at Or consulted the controlled vocabulary derived from it.

Controlled Vocabularies

In the past, when the property
was introduced also a corresponding controlled vocabulary was defined in this namespace. Today this controlled vocabulary is maintained by the EU Vocabularies as the Distribution availability vocabulary. The historic controlled vocabulary is deprecated. And therefore not anymore included in this document.


The editors gratefully acknowledge the contributions made to this document by all members of the working group.

This work was elaborated by a Working Group under SEMIC by Interoperable Europe. Interoperable Europe of the European Commission was represented by Pavlina Fragkou and Seth Van Hooland. Bert Van Nuffelen was the editor of this specification.

Past and current contributors are : Ludger A. Rinsche , Kuldar Aasaga , Anssi Ahlberg , Matej Alic , Miguel Alvarez , Martin Alvarez-Espinar , Stefano Ambrogio , Oystein Asnes , Peter Burian , Luis Daniel Ibáñez , Jitse De Cock , Ine De Visser , Makx Dekkers , Jean Delahousse , Ulrika Domellöf Mattsson , Adina Dragan , Dietmar Gattwinkel , Stijn Goedertier , Casper Gras , Bart Hanssens , Bart Hanssens , Agnieszka Jasiczek , Fabian Kirstein , Jakub Klímek , Nataliia Kovalchuk , Andreas Kuckartz , Christine Laaboudi-Spoiden , Christoph Lange , Petros Likidis , Anja Loddenkemper , Giorgia Lodi , Peter Lubrich , Lina Molinas Comet , Anastasija Nikiforova , Geraldine Nolf , Frederik Nordlander , Matthias Palmer , Andrea Perego , Taavi Ploompuu , Ludger Rinsche , Daniele Rizzi , Maik Roth , Fabian Santi , Giampaolo Sellitto , Maxime Servais , Sebastian Sklarß , Michele Spichtig , Emidio Stani , Igor Stefelin , Kees Trautwein , Thomas Tursics , Kristine Ulander , Joeri van der Velde , Sander Van Dooren , Bert Van Nuffelen , William Verbeeck , Thomas Weber , Suzanne Wigard , Christian Wittig , Agnieszka Zajac , Øystein Åsnes .