This is the issue tracker for the maintenance of GeoDCAT-AP.

GeoDCAT-AP is an extension of DCAT-AP for describing geospatial datasets, dataset series, and services. It provides an RDF syntax binding for the union of metadata elements defined in the core profile of ISO 19115:2003 and those defined in the framework of the EU INSPIRE Directive. Its basic use case is to make spatial datasets, data series, and services searchable on general data portals, thereby making geospatial information better searchable across borders and sectors.

GeoDCAT-AP is a joint initiative of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), the Publications Office of the European Union (PO), the EU ISA² Programme and DG CONNECT.

The latest version of GeoDCAT-AP (v2.0.0) is available:

Any problems encountered, or suggestions for new functionalities can be submitted as issues on the GeoDCAT-AP repository on GitHub. A short guideline for submitting issues can be found at SEMICeu/DCAT-AP/wiki/Submission-guidelines.

The GeoDCAT-AP specification does not replace the INSPIRE Metadata Regulation nor the INSPIRE Metadata technical guidelines based on ISO 19115 and ISO 19119. Its purpose is give owners of geospatial metadata the possibility to achieve more by providing an additional RDF syntax binding.

Structure of the repository


Additional GeoDCAT-AP implementations are documented in the dedicated page on Joinup.


GeoDCAT-AP releases and working drafts are distributed under CC BY 4.0.